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Buying a Home
Buying a home is one of the most important decisions (both personal and financial) someone can make. The process can be very taxing, especially if you chose to go it alone. Having a realtor on your side throughout the process can make it much simpler. As your agent, I am here to answer questions; guide you through the various steps required to complete the transaction; negotiate on your behalf with the seller; coordinate inspections, appraisals, and viewings; and many other behind-the-scenes activities to ensure the smoothest home purchase experience possible. Best of all (for you), you'll never pay a fee to you for my services–they're FREE.

I love helping buyers (especially first-time home buyers) because there's nothing like handing someone a set of keys to their new home!

A Word About Me
I am committed to YOUR needs. I've spent over a YEAR with some of the clients in my referral section before we found that perfect home. It's not about me, folks...this is YOUR house! I promise to spend whatever time is necessary for you to be happy. I don't believe in high-pressure sales, and based on the number of referrals my clients send it seems they don't either!

To make sense of it all, here is some information on the process of buying a home and a simplified view of the steps that are part of each transaction, in order of completion. I hope this helps and that you'll consider me when you...

Choose an Agent
Having an agent can make the process easier. My expertise can help in every step of your home purchase adventure. I will collect information from you to prepare to start searching for homes with you. In addition, I can refer you to a number of vendors willing and able to help, including a...

In the present environment, even looking for a home without knowing what you can afford (getting pre-qualified or pre-approved in Realtor-speak) is a waste of your time. Most sellers won't even look at an offer if a lender hasn't provided you with documentation showing you're qualified to purchase their home! Also, you don't want to waste time looking at homes that are out of your price range. Once this is done, we can...

Start Searching for Your Home
This is when the fun begins! My aim is to cut down the time you have to spend on the process so twice a day I search the available media for homes that meet your criteria. When I locate one I let you know immediately and schedule a...

My expertise is invaluable during the viewing. I've seen hundreds of homes and can give advice regarding things like the floor plan, how the home meets (or fails to meet) your needs, possibilities to make a home shine, as well as the resale potential for when you're ready to purchase your NEXT home. I also look for any potential warning signs inside AND outside the home. If it meets YOUR needs, we will...

Make an Offer
In this highly-competitive market, this may be the most trying of all the steps. No one wants to pay more or do more than necessary to buy a home but a seller is trying to get as much and also do as little as possible to sell their home. My job is to bring the two sides together, while favoring you (I'm YOUR agent, after all!). I take the time to find comparable recent sales, take existing conditions and trends into account, and analyze the home as best I can to make sure we make a fair offer with the best chance of getting...

Once our offer is accepted we enter 'Escrow', the paperwork side of the transaction. It is my job to coordinate with the Escrow Holder (also known as the Title Company) to ensure all of the contractual and statutory requirements are met. I facilitate inspections, spend time with you discussing seller disclosures and the results of our inspections, and request changes to the contract (if necessary). I also stay in touch with your lender to ensure everything is proceeding correctly toward...

Close of Escrow
The final step of the process, reached when the lender has secured the funds and the conditions of all parties (you, the seller, the lender, and the Title Company) have been met. You sign a last set (finally!) of documents before I...

Welcome You Home!

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